10 things you can’t know about the Amalfi Coast

Situated in the Campania region on the southwest of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is an idyllic getaway guilty of taking over many Instagram feeds with posts of its cliffside villas and turquoise sea.

  • 1. Limoncello

    The Amalfi Coast is the main producer of the Italian liqueur; Limoncello. The lemons used in the production are from Sorrento and are so organic and rich in vitamin C that you can even eat zest! Limoncello is made with this zest and is known as the traditional alcoholic drink in the region. Sorrento lemons are larger than those found in your supermarket because of the large amounts of sunlight that comes into the lemon gardens, with a different taste like no other lemon you’ve tried, which we can guarantee.

  • 2. Positano

    The name of one of an important city on the Amalfi Coast has legendary origins. A pirate ship in the waters were glued in a violent storm that was taking them underneath. The cause of this storm? The pirates had looted an invaluable painting of the ‘Black Madonna’, and the ship’s captain is said to have thrown the painting overboard, as he heard whispering ‘pose, pose’. When it was found on the nearby beach, a church was built on the site where it was found, and then the city had taken the name of ‘Positano‘.

  • 3. Sorrento

    Sorrento might be known as the gateway to the Amalfi Coast, but is actually considered part of the Campania region instead. However, the city’s breathtaking cliffs perched with pastel houses are quite reminiscent of what you will find on the Amalfi Coast. The historic center maintains exactly the same amount of old world charm and luxury that you will find for the rest of your journey onwards through Amalfi, such as in luxury Capri or the picturesque Ravello.

  • 4. Bus

    After you pass through Sorrento, your options for transportation arrangements can become limited, as buses replace trains due to the long, windy roads. If you plan to do some exploring during the day, try to catch a bus early in the morning as these buses are known to fill up on capacity, which means they may be waiting a bit. During the summer season is when you find the highest volume of people crossing on the streets and especially on weekends. It would be in your best interest not to drive during this time as parking is almost always limited and roads usually have only one lane which goes to traffic ie traffic can be a nightmare. The SITA company has buses across the Amalfi Coast which allows you to sit and relax through winding cliffs and a picturesque scenery that is better than any postcard.

  • 5. Capuchin Monks

    The story of how Cappuccino owes its name is said to be derived from the Capuchin Friars who lived on the hills of Amalfi. Apparently they were the first to add hot milk for cappuccino, however others theorize that it was the ‘cappuccino’ brown hue of their habits that gave the name to the drink we know and love. Today it is possible to visit the Capuccini Monastery and bask in a peaceful environment, a place that Capuchin monks called home for over 2 centuries.

  • 6. Capri

    The island of Capri is well known for attending artists of the caliber of the wealthy, as well as celebrities who honeymoon at its splendid villas and beaches. Not much, as has changed in the past thousand years, as Capri has been known to be a getaway for Roman emperors and nobility as well. It is in Capri that you will see the remains of Villa Jovis, the holiday home of Emperor Tiberius. He loved the city so much that he actually built 12 houses, but many have now dried out due to the exposure of the elements. The Blue Grotto on the island is also known for having been a favorite among emperors who used it as a swimming spot or to have a moment in secret with their lovers.

  • 7. Amalfi

    In its golden age, the city of Amalfi was doing very well for itself. They were basking in their riches, so much so that they even coined their own coins and dominated the seas. After a great tsunami and the earthquake that devastated the city, Amalfi never again reached the height of the magnitude it had once experienced. Despite this though, Amalfi is one of the most beautiful cities you will come across on the coast, evident from the fact that the Amalfi Coast is the name of it.

  • 8. UNESCO

    The entire Amalfi coast region is protected as a UNESCO listed site. It was chosen to be added to this exclusive list thanks to its perfectly Mediterranean coast and rich historical links dating back to the Middle Ages. This was put on the list in 1997, which means it will always be protected for years to come.

  • 9. Boat transportation

    Really the best way to get around the Amalfi Coast is by boat. You can rent a water taxi or even a boat yourself and browse the open blue waters of the magnificent seascape. It is also an excellent way to get around as there is no heavy traffic that accumulates in the summer period which can make travel times double in length.

  • 10. Origin of Paper

    Not many people know that Amalfi is actually one of the first places in Europe to start making paper. Their article is called ‘bambagina’ and is loved by great artists around the world thanks to its soft texture. The origin of paper dates back to the 1st century BC in China, and very quickly spread to Southern Italy where foreigners who invade bring the boat with them.

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