5 things to see and do in Positano

If there’s one thing Italy guarantees is the beautiful scenic towns that overlook the blue sea.

Positano is really what you picture when you think of an Italy holiday. The town has cliffside colourful homes, pebble beaches, and breathtaking views over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Nothing quite beats a weekend getaway in Positano, especially during the summer as you soak up the Italian sun on one of the beach beds. Here is a list of things you can do and see while you’re staying or visiting Positano.

1. Go shopping around Piazza dei Mulini

Everyone loves a bit of shopping and the best spot to do it in Positano is Piazza dei Mulini. Around here there are different fashion brands and local artists who have handmade some beautiful pieces of work. Make sure you walk down the walkways as there are plenty of hidden shops down these streets.

2. Il Sentiero Degli Dei

The Path of the Gods is a must do hiking trail, which isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. The walk can take you around three to four hours, depending on how often you stop for a break to take in the breathtaking views.

The walk starts in Bomergano, in the Amalfi hills and then ends at the hilltop of Nocelle which is above Positano.

3. Fornillo Spiaggia

Fornillo is one of Positano’s largest beaches where you can relax or go for a swim in the cool water. This beach doesn’t have sand, instead has large pebbles and is also quieter than the larger beach, Spiaggia Grande.

The Fish Festival is also held at Fornillo which happens towards the end of summer.

4. Ride a scooter/Vespa

If you need a break from walking everywhere or you want to try riding a scooter, there is really no better place to start than in Positano. Enjoy the warm summer breeze blowing through your hair as you ride around the streets of this beautiful Italian town.

There are many places around where you can rent a scooter/Vespa for a few hours or a day.

5. Go on a boat

Join a boat or a tour and see the Positano and other parts of the beautiful Amalfi Coast from the sea. You can do a day trip and stop at different towns along the Amalfi Coast, or see the different downs drift by for half a day while you stay on the boat.

Let us know what your favourite part was in Positano! Was it seeing the breathtaking views, riding a Vespa, or just soaking in the Italian sun on Fornillo?

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