Can you do a day trip from Sorrento to Capri?

Capri has found itself at the top of many travellers’ must-see lists for years, and thousands make their way to the island paradise every week.

From pristine turquoise waters, caves to explore, incredible food, beach clubs, exceptional shopping and nightlife, to breathtaking views everywhere you look, it’s not hard to understand why Capri has the reputation that it does. Loved by locals, travellers and the rich and famous, a trip to the South of Italy will be a memorable one.

There is so much to do and see in Capri that you could settle here for 2 or 3 days, but if your Italian itinerary is already bursting at the seams, rest assured knowing you can most definitely visit the island for just a day – and it’s super easy to do so.

Getting to Capri from Sorrento:

Capri is just off the mainland of Italy near Naples in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and can only be reached by boat (or by helicopter if you’re feeling extra fancy). In the summer months, when Capri is putting on a show and perfectly encapsulating all things Euro-Summer, the ferries run frequently from Sorrento each day.

Three separate ferry companies travel from Sorrento to Capri, with the first ferry leaving the port at 7.15am, and the last one coming back to Sorrento in the evening at 6.40pm. As this is Italy, allow a little extra travel time for delays or cancellations.

The high-speed ferry is slightly more expensive, but it does get you across to Capri in a speedy 20 minutes, whist the slower ferry will take 30 minutes to make the trip.

What to do with a day in Capri:

Depending on what time you arrive in Capri, you should hopefully have several hours to explore the limestone island. You can cram your day full of activities, or simply find a sun lounge by the water and be treated to a day of relaxing in the sun.

Best things to do in Capri:

  • Visit the Blue Grotto. Potentially the most famous attraction on the island, you can get a boat around to the grotto, where you’ll need to then climb into a rowboat to enter the small opening  of the cave. Once inside you’ll have 5-10 minutes to admire the glowing blue water of the grotto.
  • Marina Piccola. A picturesque resort town, with beautiful beaches, views of the Faraglioni Rocks and your choice of restaurants, bars and cafes for lunch.
  • Walk the steps to Belvedere di Tragara, and be greeted with panoramic views of Capri’s cliffs, and the never-ending sea.
  • Mount Solaro Chairlift. Visit Anacapri and take the chairlift to the top of Mount Solaro to see some – you guessed it – views of Capri and beyond. This is a much-loved family friendly activity.
  • La Piazzetta. The bustling centre stage of Capri. Enjoy a drink in the square, watch the world go by from a café, and maybe even spot a celebrity enjoying their time at this opulent location. The funicular train from the port will have you wandering the square here in less than 5 minutes.

With all the fabulous things to do, and the potential celebrities to keep an eye out for, it’s no shock to learn that Capri in the summer is also a little chaotic with crowds. If you only have a day here, you’re best to arrive as early as possible to avoid peak crowds and waiting in lines in the heat. You’ll likely still have to wait around for a few things – especially the Blue Grotto and the funicular train to the Piazzetta, so be prepared with water, sunscreen, a hat and comfy shoes.

To take the stress out of trying to navigate the island at its busiest time of year, a tour is a fantastic way to relax and have a beautiful day in Italian paradise. Tours can begin in Sorrento and will include return ferries and free time to explore Capri, plus time for swimming stops which you will be thankful for!

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