Does Sorrento in Italy have a beach?

Sorrento is one of the beautiful towns that sit up on the cliff tops in Italy.

As Sorrento sits up high along the cliffs along the sea, it almost seems impossible that there would be a beach. But it’s a beautiful seaside town, so surely there is! Luckily for you beachgoers, there are beaches in Sorrento. To reach these beaches you will need to walk down the cliff faced ramps. It can take a couple of minutes to reach the bottom, but it’s worth it when you can swim in the beautiful turquoise water.

Bagni Regina Giovanna

One of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Sorrento is Bagni Regina Giovana, also known as Baths of Queen Giovanna. There is a natural pool around rocks and some greenery that you can swim in. Look for a hidden path that’ll take you through to the beach! Nearby there are also some ruins to check out.

Leonelli’s Beach

After you walk down the cliff face ramps, you’ll be stunned by the glistening blue water. There are colourful beach huts, and wooden ramps with chairs to relax on. There are small sections to be able to walk on the sand and enjoy the beautiful water. There are some areas at this beach where you might have to pay to swim.

Puolo Beach

A beautiful beach where you rent chairs and an umbrella to enjoy the calm clear waters slowly crashing into the sand and gravel. As you go out into the sparkling blue water for a swim, you might see fish, rock crabs, and purple and green plants. Bring some goggles if you can so you can see marine life and plants clearer underwater.

Peter’s Beach

Near Leonelli’s Beach is Peter’s Beach. This beach is again another beautiful one in Sorrento with chairs and umbrellas you can rent. There are also restaurants nearby like seafood or grab a cocktail to watch the sunset! Peter’s Beach also has some beach huts and wooden boardwalks with chairs to lie on.

Marina Piccola

This is technically a port for the boats, but there is a lot of sand for you to enjoy. You can roll out your towel and relax in the sun or bring a beach umbrella and have some shade. There is a sectioned-off part in the water you can go into. On a hot summer day, bring the kids down so they can play in the sand and enjoy the sea. It’s a great way to spend a few hours, especially when you walk into the turquoise water to cool off.

There are so many small beautiful beaches in Sorrento that can be hard to find. You can even ask a local because they may know a hidden gem.

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