How Long should you stay in Capri for?

With so many things to see and do on such a small and interesting island, what’s the best length of time to explore the island of Capri? 

Picture yourself surrounded by sapphire waters, jagged cliff tops, and historic buildings; this is mesmerising Capri! It is the perfect place for a luxurious and tranquil adventure with stunning scenery to go with it. Relax on sun-drenched beaches, dine at delicious local restaurants, and cruise out to the blue sea. But how long is long enough for this incredible area? – In order to answer this, we first need to go over what there is to see in Capri as this will give an indication of how long you might need to explore it. Some of the attractions you can’t miss include…

The Main Attractions in Capri

  • Blue Grotto

    The Blue Grotto is the reason for Capri’s popularity, with a large portion of visitors travelling here to mark this off on their Italian bucket list! It is an astonishingly enchanting area of glowing aquamarine waters, hidden within a sea cave. The reason for this captivating blue glow comes from the reflective sunlight coming from a submerged hole in the cave. The sun’s ray’s past through the hole and bounces off the water creating a dazzling, illuminative light inside the otherwise dark cave. As well as its remarkable beauty, the grotto has a rich history, with Emperor Tiberius once using it as a personal swimming pool. The only way to see this spectacular sight is by rowboat as the cave’s entrance only allows small boats to pass. Please note that whilst ancient Emperor Tiberius may have swum in the area, the grotto is definitely not safe for swimming due to the risk of high tides and rough waters.

  • Faraglioni Rocks

    Once you have seen all the island’s charms, head out to the sea by boat to visit the water’s secrets. These massive rock formations jut out straight from the sea, creating an unforgettable skyline that appears in a large proportion of Capri postcards. The rock’s name derives from the Greek term ‘Pharos’ which is the word for lighthouse. This was due to the rocks once being a lighthouse for ancient beings, using fires to navigate the boats. Greek and Roman sailors sailed by sight along the coasts, not just to get a better idea of their bearings, but because of the possibility of pirates who could be lying in wait. Another fun fact about these enchanting stacked rocks is that they are also home to a rare species of lizard called the lacerta muralis coerulea meaning “blue lizard”.

  • Monte Solaro

    Lace up those walking shoes and set off to the highest point of the island. Monte Solaro is a mountain 589 metres up and promises 360 degree views of the island, surrounding sea, and the mainland. It’s the perfect place to get that Instagram shot! If you’d rather skip the hike, the island also offers you a chairlift ride up and down from the peak. The Marina Grande beach lies at the foot of the mountain if you dare look down to see it. The peak became popular with painters due to its romantic situation and extensive views of the Tyrrhenian sea and bay of Naples. Painter or not, we think once you’ve reached the top you deserve a beverage. Head to the only bar located that high and get a refreshing drink to go with the breathtaking view.

Other sites to squeeze in during your stay in Capri

  • Villa San Michele

    For a quiet pondering of history, visit the Villa San Michele. Once an ancient chapel dedicated to San Michele, the area was changed by Axel Munthe, a Swedish physician who built on top of the chapel’s ruins in 1885. The villa has multiple levels and an astonishing garden, with a number of the chapel’s original artefacts on display. Simply walk through this tranquil area and get lost in sheer beauty.

  • Gardens of Augustus

    If you want to take that iconic shot of the Faraglioni from afar, head here. This picturesque area is bursting with greenery and flowers, all surrounding the incredible lookout terraces. Look down to the aqua waters and see the white boats spotting the blue. The small trek to get to the area is well worth it as it offers astonishing scenery along the way. For a truly unforgettable experience, head here for sunset or sunrise to see the epic colours bouncing off the water.

In Conclusion

Overall, we think 2-3 days is the perfect amount of time to see all that Capri has to offer. Ultimately though the amount of time you spend at Capri all depends on you. Working out what you want to see, and how much downtime you need, helps you figure it out. Can’t sit down for long? You can probably spend a weekend here filling your days to the brim with activity. If you rather spend a few takes baking in the sun, perhaps a week will stretch things out for you.

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