How many days do you need on the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is the sparkling gem of Italian travel: a gorgeous stretch of towering coastline that glistens in the Meditteranean sun.

Amalfi Coast Day Tour

Whether you’re soaking up the gorgeous sunshine on one of the world’s most famous beaches, enjoying sumptuous local seafood at a local taverna or boating around a simply stunning island, the Amalfi Coast is full of joy and good times year-round!

When it comes to the question of how many days you can spend on the Amalfi Coast things can get difficult, because as soon as you arrive there you might easily find it to be one of those places you could simply plop yourself onto forever.

The turquoise waters, sandy beaches, giant vistas and elegant townships are enough to make any traveller use their best Italian to inquire about property prices (“quanto casa?” or something…).

However, life doesn’t always allow us to live everywhere we love, so five days should be the perfect amount of time to soak up the vibrant atmosphere and imagine you are, for just a little while, an Amalfi citizen.

So, what are some incredible experiences you can enjoy in five days on the Amalfi Coast?

A day at Spiaggia Grande

Spiaggia Grande, along with the likes of Bondi, Ipanema and Navagio, is one of the world’s most Gram-worthy beaches. But the only reason why travellers love lazing about on the shoreline and snapping Insta-friendly shots is because of how beautiful it is!

This truly radiant beach enjoys gorgeous waters, a chic, umbrella-dotted shoreline that then backs onto Positano’s famous, pastel-hued hillside houses. It’s the perfect way to initiate yourself into the laid back, Meditteranean lifestyle on the coast.

Wander (& boat) around Capri

Capri is an island that has long been synonymous with Italian glamour, having been a refuge for the rich and famous since the 1950s. Today, Capri is a gorgeous island that truly harmonises natural splendour with luxurious delight. You can easily spend a few days on the island, meandering around its charming townships and relaxing on the beach, and one of the best activities on the island is to jump on a boat tour and head out to the surreal Blue Grotto.

Taste delicious limoncello

It’s only natural that the local product is as vibrant as the region itself, and limoncello is the perfect liqueur to encapsulate this sun-soaked part of the world. There are plenty of tasting options available, as well as stylish little bars where the liqueur is in abundance – buon aperitivo!

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