How much does it cost to see the Blue Grotto?

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a glittering gem in the Mediterranean: a stunning stretch of coastline replete with gorgeous beaches, towering peaks, elegant hillside towns and glamorous islands.

You cannot go to the Amalfi Coast and not be swept away by that indescribable feeling of Italian luxury, where the sun meets the turquoise sea and you can laze the day away on a sunbed-lined shoreline.

One of the places that put the Amalfi Coast on the jetsetter map is the island of Capri – a favourite for a-listers since the mid-20th Century.

The island is full of upmarket shopping and beautiful beaches, but the natural spot that makes Capri such a joy to visit has to be that of the Grotta Azzurra, or Blue Grotto.

This stunning sea cave is world famous for the way in which the light enters the cave and illuminates it, creating an ethereal light that can only be truly enjoyed by seeing it for yourself.

But seeing the Blue Grotto isn’t free: it costs 14 Euros to enter the cave, with your rowboat operator expecting a tip for their efforts (and singing).

But once you’re in there, you will see exactly why this unique natural occurrence tops the list of things to do when on the Amalfi Coast. It’s a sparkling testament to nature’s ability to make things truly mesmerising; to astound us and make us forget about the world going on outside such an enchanting setting.

And it’s perfectly enjoyed alongside these other Amalfi Coast experiences:

Spiaggia Grande

You may not know it by name but you’ve definitely seen it on your glamorous friend’s Insta. Spiaggia Grande may just be the world’s most photographed beach, with its daybed lined shore giving way to the gorgeously-hued pastel homes that line the Positano hills above.

Get your Gram-worthy snap, but be sure to laze around there for a while – it’s a truly lovely place to get your tan on.

Limoncello tasting

Every part of Italy is famous for something delicious, and the Amalfi’s claim to fame is that of the delectably tart limoncello. This citrus liqueur is found across the world but has its home on the Amalfi Coast, with bars, shops and producers all offering tastings of this refreshingly Amalfi beverage.

The Blue Grotto, the beach and a great beverage to top it off? Sounds like a pretty time on the unforgettable Amalfi Coast…

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