How to enjoy the Blue Grotto on Capri

The Blue Grotto is one of Capri’s most fascinating natural wonders. Inside the cave, the water is impossibly blue thanks to the light passing through causing an ethereal effect.

The natural sea cave itself is 60 metres in length and 25 metres wide. At just one-metre-high, the cave mouth forms a low passing point. This means getting into the Blue Grotto requires passengers to lay on their backs in small rowboats as the skipper guides the vessel into the cave.

How to Get to the Blue Grotto

There are three different ways you can get to the Blue Grotto:

1. Tour boat – from the Marina Grande port, you can pick up return tickets to the Grotto. If you want to experience more of Capri, you can buy an Island Tour by Sea and Stop at the Grotto ticket which takes you on a complete tour around the island and stops off at the entrance to the Blue Grotto.

2. Private boat – if you’d rather travel in style, you can rent a private boat and anchor at the buoys near the entrance of the cave.

3. Walking or bus – the walk from Anacapri to the Blue Grotto is around 3.5 kilometres, forming a pleasant way to experience sea views from the coast. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus from Piazza della Pace which takes you close to the entrance of the Blue Grotto.

The Best Time to Visit the Blue Grotto

Though visitors head to the Blue Grotto throughout the day, there are certain hours when the sunlight is brighter inside the cave, causing an even bluer glow than usual.

The reflections are at their best between 12pm and 2pm, but the morning hours also promise particularly spectacular colours. It’s best to avoid the Grotto on overcast days if you want to see the colours in all their glory, and the water around the cave can become a bit rough in the afternoons – though you’ll find the queues are much more manageable after lunch.

Visiting the Blue Grotto is an amazing way to experience one of nature’s delights. The impossibly blue waters of the cave draw in visitors from all over the world who want to experience the sunlight reflecting off the cool turquoise waters of Capri.

Known for its glitz and glam, the island is full of beautiful colours and sights, and the Blue Grotto is one of many incredible attractions in the area.

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