How to get to Mount Solaro

Capri is a small, beautiful island that sits on the Bay of Naples in Italy.

Capri continues to be a popular holiday destination in southern Italy. People will often spend a couple of days in Capri or visit for a day trip from Sorrento or Naples.

To have some breathtaking views of the surrounding area of Capri, check out reaching the top of Mount Solaro (Monte Solaro). This mountain has a peak height of 589 metres.

There are two ways to get to Mount Solaro. You can either walk up or get an enjoyable chairlift! The chairlift is a lot easier and takes around 12 minutes to reach the top. But if you want to challenge yourself, you can walk up the mountain. The hike up Mount Solaro will take around an hour to reach the top.

During your journey to the peak of the mountain, you can have a look around and take in the incredible views of the island and beyond.

Things to do in Capri

After you’ve paid it to the highest point in Capri, here are some other things you can do once you’ve made it back down to the ground floor of the mountain.

Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is a beautiful villa in Capri that visitors love coming here to see for themselves the beauty.

Axel Munthe who was a Swedish physician and author, arrived in Capri in 1885 and decided to build his villa here after he fell in love with the town. The villa is surrounded by a beautiful garden which has also been labelled as Italy’s most beautiful private park.

The villa has an impressive art collection that comes from Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan origin.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a famous sea cave that is along the coast of Capri. The only way to see the Blue Grotto is by a rowboat where you will need to lay back when entering the cave. The inside of the cave is beautifully lit up in a gorgeous blue, an unbelievable sight.

Fortino di Bruto

On Mount Solaro, there are the ruins of a blockhouse called Fortino di Bruto. The blockhouse was built between 1806 to 1808 when England and France were battling.

Emperor Augustus statue

Also on Mount Solaro is a marble statue of Emperor Augustus, who was the first Roman to go to Capri. The view from the stature is breathtaking with the Mediterranean Sea, the iconic Faraglioni Rocks in the water, and parts of the island.

Capri is a beautiful destination and a must-visit location while you’re in the south of Italy.

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