How to get to the Blue Grotto from Amalfi

Sit in a rowboat and discover the gorgeous Blue Grotto lit up in a bright blue.

The Blue Grotto is a major Capri attraction and is overall a mesmerising sight on the island. There isn’t a direct connection to get to the Blue Grotto from Amalfi. You will first need to get to Capri before making your way to the Blue Grotto.

By Ferry from Amalfi to Capri

There are ferries that run from Amalfi to Capri, on limited sailings per day, with the journey taking about an hour. The pricing can vary and is expected to be a bit higher during peak season in summer.

If you’re driving through Italy, you can bring your car on one of the types of ferries.

Getting to the Blue Grotto when in Capri

Whichever way you plan to arrive in Capri, there are two ways to reach the Blue Grotto. You can either get a boat from Marina Grande or drive to the Blue Grotto. There is also a bus from Anacapri that will take you down to the Blue Grotto.

It’s well worth to spend a day exploring Capri to see the Blue Grotto and other attractions.

Do I Need Tickets to the Blue Grotto?

Yes, you will need tickets to enter the Blue Grotto. You can purchase tickets from the cave entrance at the floating ticket office.

The Blue Grotto may close suddenly due to rough seas or high winds, so you can’t purchase tickets in advance.

The Best Time to Visit the Blue Grotto

To avoid any long lines in peak periods, it’s best to visit in the morning when the cave opens. Spring is also a good time to visit as there isn’t typically a long wait time.

No matter when you go, you’ll still experience the Blue Grotto lighting up in a gorgeous blue.

What to Expect

When you finally reach the Blue Grotto and you’ve purchased your tickets, you will go on a small rowboat. At the cave entrance you’ll need to lie down as the entrance is very low. Once it’s safe to sit up, you’ll be in awe as you look around seeing the cave in a bright blue.
You’ll be inside the cave for around five minutes, so live in the moment and take it all in before it’s over!

Are you ready to see the Blue Grotto? Jump on board from Sorrento on this incredible one day Capri tour, which includes a trip to see the Blue Grotto along with other attractions to see on Capri.

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