How to get to the Faraglioni of Capri?

Capri has long been one of Italy’s luxurious getaways, with jetsetters and travellers alike flocking to the island to experience its gorgeous Mediterranean scenery and Italian elegance.

Whether you’re kicking back in the sublime Piazzetta, taking a boat tour of the luminescent Blue Grotto, venturing out to the more rustic parts of the island or soaking up the sun on one of the island’s idyllic beaches, Capri never fails to inspire sense of luxe Italian living.

No doubt, the site that truly encapsulates the island’s beauty and awe is located offshore, with the giant Faraglioni sea stacks leaping out of the turquoise waters below!

A truly breathtaking site, the Faraglioni have come to represent the island’s grand splendour, being a top priority for travellers looking to take in some of the island’s natural beauty.

You can catch stunning land-based views of the Faraglioni from Capri itself, with the lush Gardens of Augustus leading out to some truly superb viewing platforms.

This must be done, of course, but the ultimate way to experience this natural delight is by hopping aboard one of the many fantastic Capri boat tours that circumnavigate the island.

Your captain will pilot the boat right up to the magnificent stacks, ensuring you get a real sense of their rugged beauty after you have spied it from the beautiful Gardens of Augustus.

This marvellous adventure is sure to enjoyed alongside these other fabulous Capri experiences:

The Piazzetta

Capri’s opulent main square has long been the place for the glitterati to be seen, with well-dressed Italians and internationals dressing to the nines and simply hanging out among its bars and restaurants.

The best time to visit the Piazzetta is at dusk, when the night is young yet looking to get wild in true Capri fashion. Enjoy an aperitif and delicious meal – the surroundings truly add to the sense of occasion…

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is one of those ethereal places that you dream about experiencing in person. These incredible sea caves are illuminated by the sunlight poking through their entrances, creating a fluorescent blue glow that is nothing short of magical.

Once again, there are countless boat tours that will happily take you out to the magnificent Blue Grotto, and you might even get yourself a singing captain as you head towards its luminescent splendour…


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