Is Positano or Amalfi better?

Comparing two beautiful Italian towns is difficult and it is hard to decide which is overall better.

Positano and Amalfi are stunning and picturesque towns on the coast. They both have colourful buildings, beautiful turquoise water, and unbelievable beaches.

It is worth visiting Positano and Amalfi if you can! Walking around in awe at how beautiful and picturesque the coastal towns are.


Amalfi gets judged a lot harder as it is one of the more popular towns along the coast. The expectations are high when people visit and usually, the town keeps up with people’s expectations.

Amalfi has some of the most impressive art galleries and attractions on the coast like the Amalfi Cathedral (Duomo). Or you can explore the city and walk through the streets to find local restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Like most towns along the coast, there are colourful buildings on the cliffs overlooking the stunning blue sea. There are many popular beaches where you can find a chair to relax while listening to the sea. Or you can dive into the temptation and go swimming in the sea, because who wouldn’t when it’s as gorgeous as it is.


You might find a lot of people say Positano is better than Amalfi as Positano appears to have nicer beaches, more restaurants, and shops. Positano also has some of the best scenic views. You’ll want to show off to everyone with your view of colourful cliffside homes, blue sea, and beaches.

Positano has some of the best shopping experiences you can get at Piazza dei Mulini. The vibrant area has shops from fashion brands to local shops featuring people selling their handmade work. Walk through the narrow streets in the area for a great selection of restaurants and bakeries to grab lunch or even a snack on the go.

A popular activity you can do when in Positano is hiring a gozzo to see the three islets of Li Galli. Though you can’t get off the gozzo to go on the islands, but you can get a closer look.

If you’re unsure still which town is better, you can book an Amalfi Coast tour from Naples which visits Positano and Amalfi. Or you can pick one town to stay in and make a day trip to visit the other as the towns are about half an hour’s drive.

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