Is the Amalfi Coast worth visiting?

There is little wonder as to why the Amalfi Coast is definitely worth visiting.

Positano, Amalfi Coast

This stunning stretch of Italian coastline is home to pastel-hued seaside towns, sparkling Meditteranean ocean and towering hillsides. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast has played host to movie stars and happy travellers for years, and continues to shine as one of Italy’s star attractions to this day.

Yes, yes and yes again – the Amalfi Coast is totally worth the visit!

And this is why…

  • 1. It has one of the most beautiful towns in the world

    Sorrento is the crown jewel of Amalfi Coast travel, a gorgeous coastal town whose ascending landscape is dotted with vibrant, beautifully painted buildings. The town is also a renowned place for the production of Limoncello, and tours allow connoisseurs and travellers alike to taste this tart lemon liqueur. You can also easily hop aboard an Amalfi Coast charter boat to take in the coastline’s amazing sites.

  • 2. Check out the Grotta Dello Smeraldo

    The Emerald Cave is a surreal natural wonder forming out of the coastline. There are regular boat tours that take tourists inside this stunning cave, where the natural light casts a glowing emerald hue along the cave. It’s truly one of the most stunning natural wonders in Italy, if not Europe, and is perfect for people wanting to spend some time out on the turquoise waters of the Meditteranean.

  • 3. Head out to Capri

    No visit to the Amalfi Coast is complete without heading to the ritzy island of Capri. Beloved by the glitterati for its gorgeous architecture, delightful cuisine, charming laneways and upscale stores, Capri is every bit as accessible to the Amalfi traveller as it is to the likes of Hollywood stars. Whether you’re lazing on one of the island’s incredible beaches, taking in the rugged scenery or heading out to the Blue Grotto, another stunning cave passage, you are sure to love this beautiful island situated right off the Italian coastline.

  • 4. Meander around the Gardens of Augustus

    Capri’s botanical gardens are situated right outside the centre of the island, and are well worth strolling around, taking in the beautiful floral setting and the breathtaking Meditteranean views surrounding the gardens. Not only this, but the gardens serve as the perfect place to marvel at the incredible Faraglioni coastal rock stacks.

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