Is the Blue Grotto still open?

The island of Capri has long been one of the world’s glitterati hotspots. Ever since the 1950s, A-listers have flocked to the island to enjoy some of that good Mediterranean sunshine and the turquoise waters that make the Amalfi Coast so inviting – and today it’s accessible to anyone who wants to experience its beauty!

From the lush Gardens of Augustus to the mesmerising Faraglioni rocks, through to the charmingly lively Piazza Umberto 1, the island is now not only for the world’s jetsetters, making it one of Italy’s most beloved travel destinations…

And, perhaps, there is no attraction that symbolises Capri’s ethereal beauty more than that of the Blue Grotto, a magnificent series of illuminated underwater caves lining the island coast.

Everyday, the sun peeks in and lights the cave a fluorescent blue that has to be bathed in to be believed. It’s truly one of the world’s most remarkable natural light shows, and is open to tourists every day of the year!

All you have to do is find yourself a water taxi with a driver (who may or may not sing for you, too) and you will be whisked away to this most magical of natural attractions.

The Blue Grotto is easily one of Capri’s most enchanting attractions, and must be enjoyed alongside these other legendary adventures:

The Gardens of Augustus

The Gardens of Augustus are sublime, really, made as such for the vibrant Mediterranean flora that lines its small boundaries as well as for the wondrous views that await beyond.

Whether you’re meandering around the gardens, taking in the fragrant flowers, or stepping out to peer upon the Faraglioni rocks, you must take your time and a good breath of fresh air when visiting the Gardens of Augustus, it’s that serene…

The Faraglioni rocks

And, on that note, you really should step out to get a view of the Faraglioni rocks, as it is one of the most impressive sites on the whole Amalfi! The rocks are simply spectacular: a giant testament to the coast’s natural grandeur and a fantastic view from the beautiful gardens.

Piazza Umberto 1

For what Capri has in natural beauty it also has in charming Italian villages, and the Piazza Umberto 1 encapsulates this charm like nowhere else on the Amalfi. Get down there for a cheeky aperitif or hang around to enjoy Capri’s legendary nightlife – it’s all good in the piazza!


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