The Best Restaurants in the Amalfi Coast

Italy’s coastline of the Amalfi Coast is renowned for its stellar restaurants. Boasting ocean views, supreme cocktails, and mouth-watering cuisines.

The restaurants serve fresh flavours of seafood, lemons, and tomatoes, matching these dishes with the local wine or perfect summer cocktails. Try the simple pizza shops set along with rickety tables to elegant dining rooms with award-winning cuisines, no matter what you are after for your dinner, the Amalfi Coast’s chefs have got you covered.

La Sponda

La Sponda is by far one of the prettiest restaurants on the Amalfi Coast, visited mostly due to its insta-worthy location. The dining room is decorated in hand-painted ceramic tiles and lush green vines covering both the walls and ceilings, with hundreds of candles flickering on the tables and shelves of the restaurant. Creating a truly unforgettable dining experience, perfect for you and your partner to enjoy in the hot nights of summertime. The restaurant stays true to the local traditional cuisines but serves them with a flash of style and chic! The wine cellar attached to La Sponda is also an impressive feature, so make sure to ask your waiter for the perfect wine to match with your dinner choices to help make sure you have the perfect pairing.

Chez Black

Chez Black sits right along the beachside, being one of the most popular restaurants in all of Positano. Serving fabulous meals that are reasonably priced in this expensive seaside town. They focus on traditional meals, letting you enjoy the hundred-year recipes of pasta, pizza, and more! There is plenty of seafood to choose from, with the freshest fish and prawns around! Each meal is served on hand-painted ceramic plates, with the staff friendly and attentive to everyone that comes in. Blending the traditional charm of the locals in this stylish setting!

Ristorante La Caravella

The Ristorante La Caravella is not just a fantastic dinner choice, but also a part museum. Hosting famous artists such as Warhol, Duchamp and Federico Fellini, this museum has been a famous stop since the early 1960s. If you are a history buff or an art lover, come here to stroll around the museum, before finishing up in the chic restaurant next door. Offering tasting menus that feature ever-changing cuisines depending on the season and the local produce. The dining room is also home to a range of historic artefacts, such a significant ceramic collection and painted frescoes by Luca Mancini.

La Tagliatella

If you are after an authentic Italian dinner in your Amalfi Coast tour, the La Tagliatella is for you! Nestled in the little village that overlooks Positano, known as Montepertuso, this restaurant can get overlooked due to its location. However, it’s well worth the visit, as visitors can eat their weight in pasta, meat and pizza. Matching their cuisine with the stunning collection of wine on offer! Don’t forget to save room for dessert, with this restaurant serving a dozen fabulous sweet treats, all homemade to go with their limoncello.

Il Ritrovo

It is another Montepertuso gem, with Il Ritrovo coming in second for this villages best restaurants. Enjoy the mouth-watering meals that go perfectly with the complimentary prosecco served. Holding some truly charming style, the Il Ritrovo lets you immerse in the traditional customs of Italy’s coastline as dig into the mind-blowing food. You can even come here for cooking classes, so you can learn how to make these terrific meals at home!

Da Adolfo

Legendary among both locals and tourists, the Da Adolfo is one of the best restaurants to visit. It is only able to be reached via coat, starting off from the port in Positano. Due to being right on the seashore, the restaurant serves seafood so fresh it might as well be alive! Many visitors head out in mid-day and spend the afternoon on the beach before heading to the restaurant, enjoying the delicious cocktails served on arrival!

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