What can you do on the Amalfi Coast for one day?

The Amalfi Coast is a testament to all things glamorously Italian. Once the lavish rendezvous point for the world’s glitterati, the Amalfi Coast is now one of the country’s most beloved holiday destinations, with a sublime coastline of gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, pastel-hued hillsides and sumptuous Italian cuisine!

The Amalfi Coast is also the perfect place for a day trip, with plenty to indulge your appetite and senses in the one highly accessible place.

So what are the essentials of an Amalfi day tour? What makes this stunning part of Italy so worth venturing down from Naples?

It’s plain to see:

The Spiaggia Grande

We mentioned that the Amalfi has divine beaches, and Spiaggia Grande is possibly the most desired of all. You may not yet know the name, but you definitely know the place: the Spiaggia Grande is one of the world’s most photographed beaches, owing to its glamorous, daybed-lined shoreline that leads up to the wondrous pastel-coloured houses that dot the hillside above!

And whilst in the summer this beach may be packed with wannabe influencers grabbing their best Gram shot against that picture-perfect backdrop, it’s truly the ideal place to soak up the Amalfi’s joyous sun and vibe.

Visit Sorrento

There is a reason why Victoria’s beautiful beachside town was named after Sorrento: it is simply a marvellous town! With incredible architecture, charming laneways and plenty of local Amalfi history, Sorrento is the ideal Amalfi town to get lost in for an hour or two.

Take your time to meander its laidback streets, taking in the likes of the Marina Grande, the cathedral and bell tower, the Basilica of Sant’Antonio and the Villa Comunale as you go.

For lovers of miraculous Italian architecture, Sorrento is the place to be: get lost, get found and allow the town’s vibrant beauty to wash over you…

Hike the Path of the Gods

The Amalfi Coast has some of Italy’s most dramatic scenery, with giant clifftops overlooking the turquoise waters below, and the Path of the Gods hike is one of the best ways to marvel upon it!

And whilst hiking isn’t the first thing most people think of when it comes to the Amalfi, even those who thought about a relaxing beachside time would be thrilled to find themselves traversing this unforgettable 2-4 trek.

So, take your pick – what is it about the Amalfi that draws your fancy? You are sure to have a pretty lush seaside time regardless of your choice…

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