What is so Special About The Blue Grotto?

Witness one of the world’s most fascinating wonders.

The Blue Grotto is easily one of Capri’s most famous attractions. It’s a natural sea cave that stretches 60 metres long. But what makes the Blue Grotto truly special is how its interior lights up in a gorgeous blue glow.

As you hop on a wooden rowboat, you’ll need to lean back when entering the cave, before beholding the magnificent blue water and its glow. Take in this special moment as you cruise through the Blue Grotto!

Before you go, here are a few other things to know about the Blue Grotto.

Getting to the Blue Grotto  

There are a couple of ways you can reach the Blue Grotto. Popular options include walking, catching a public bus, going by private boat, or joining a tour! Arriving earlier in the morning can be the best time to avoid crowds.

The optimal time to see the Blue Grotto is around 12PM to 2PM when the glow inside the cave is at its best. Expect more crowds if you arrive during this time, as it’s the busiest and most popular for visitors to come.

Buying tickets

Entrance to the Blue Grotto isn’t free, and tickets cannot be purchased in advance, as it may be unsafe to enter on certain days. You will need to visit the Blue Grotto’s ticket office to purchase tickets.

To avoid disappointment due to closure, you can check online for updates before travelling there.

Can I swim in the Blue Grotto?

Swimming in the Blue Grotto has been forbidden for a few years due to safety concerns. It’s unsafe to swim here because of the high waves that can cause serious injuries. Those found swimming inside the Blue Grotto will receive a fine. It’s safest to purchase a ticket and take a rowboat tour to see the interior of the cave.

Without a doubt, visiting the Blue Grotto is a bucket list item for everyone visiting Capri. If you’re in surrounding cities like Sorrento, Naples, and even Rome, you can make a trip to see the Blue Grotto! If you’re coming from Rome, you can book a Capri tour which includes visiting the Blue Grotto.

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