What is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

Before booking flights take the time to find out which month at the Amalfi Coast suits you best!

Italy is blessed with some of the best coasts in all of Europe, shrouded in sapphire blue waters and colourful buildings along the seaside clifftops. The Amalfi Coast is an exceptional example of the Mediterranean landscape the region is so famous for. Every city and town along the coast is picture-perfect, offering some of the most memorable attractions and activities for your Italian adventure. But when is the best time to visit this region? When picturing this beachside area, most think of it glittering with sunshine and blossoming with foliage. But sadly, its not always possible dictate pristine weather and uncrowded attractions for your own travel schedule. However, deciding when to take your vacation to give you the very best chance can help! Follow our guide and figure out the best time you should visit for a magnificent Amalfi Coast holiday!

  • June, July, and August

    The summertime scorches the streets of the Amalfi Coast, with endless days of high temperatures and very little rain. Travellers that aren’t used to the heat may find this period unbearable, leaving many to give up on their sightseeing and surrender to their accommodation early. Despite the heat, it is the popular time for tourists, as not only is the Amalfi Coast a popular destination for international travellers, but Italians looking to relax on their summer holidays. Accommodation skyrockets in price, with rooms being booked out months in advance. If you are happy to fork out the extra cash to make sure you don’t miss the peak summer period, this may work for you, but for anyone else, some alternative months may suit you better.  

    Things to Do during this Time

    The plus side to this time is that the days are very long as the country comes alive during the night. This ensures numerous festivals and nightlife, with Amalfi’s most popular events held during this period.

    The Music in the Cloister is a musical concert series that takes place in the Amalfi Coast’s Chiostro del Paradiso cathedral. Hosting a range of delightful performances well worth the visit.

    Held every third weekend in July, the Festival del Limone, also known as the Lemon Fair celebrates all things lemons. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its lemon produce, and the festival will be held in one of the best lemon producing towns on the coast, Massa Lubrense. Lemon decorations, lemon dishes, and lemon-infused goodies all are on offer, with plenty of limoncello served throughout the event!

    Every year during this time, the tiny village of Cetara celebrates and re-enacts an ancient fishing technique. The term is called “Lampara,” and involves a type of boat light. Each of the village’s boats are lit up with lights, then beams rays over a large area of water. The light attracts the fish, who are then trapped in nets, the entire fishing technique is stunning and fascinating to watch, but the true festival doesn’t start until the town starts to cook the caught fish, with music ringing out while it is served.

  • November to March

    The Amalfi Coast is where folk go for a picture-perfect beach vacation, hoping for an adventure amidst the sunshine, lush greenery, and plenty of outdoor activities-but sadly this is only available for a certain time of the year. In quite a contrast, the winter months of the Amalfi coast is a treacherous time to visit. The entire area turns into a foggy world, with dramatic waves crashing up high against the coast side, with the majority of the villages empty. The waves can even rise to epic proportion, crashing up against the building of the towns. Tourist shops and tours are typically not running, with the continuous rain and wind making it hard for outdoor activities. However, this is the most extreme occurrences of the winter season, with the majority of the winter months simply colder and windier than the hotter months.

    Things to Do during this Time

    While there few events during the wintertime on the Amalfi Coast, February brings one of the coast’s biggest festivals the year: the Carnival. February is on the cusp of the wintertime ending, so it typically isn’t as dreadful as past months. Carnival festival takes place before Lent, held in Maiori for over 10 days. The entire celebration boasts elaborate floats, dancing groups, dress ups, colourful decoration, and live shows and music.

  • May, September, and October

    During this time the temperatures fall and the crowds fade, making it one of the best times to visit the Amalfi Coast! The coastline is waking up from winter, with the flowers blooming, the windows opening, and the outdoor activities kicking off! The days are warm and the nights are mild, giving you plenty of time for unforgettable activities throughout your journey here. Due to its pristine weather conditions, and stunning display of plant life, the coast is still popular with visitors, but the crowds aren’t intolerable.

    Things to Do during this Time

    There are numerous festivals during this time, most particularly the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics! It is a historic boat race, that takes place every four years, held between Amalfi, Venice, Pisa and Genon. Watch the fantastic array of boat speed along the sapphire waters as you watch from the shore!

    The Torello Fire Festival takes place on the third Sunday of September, held at the bottom of Ravello’s mountain. The entire town’s buildings at lit up at dusk, with a fantastic series of fireworks!

    Over the first weekend of October, the village of Scala celebrates the region’s chestnut trees. Named Festa della Castagna, it celebrated everything to do with chestnuts, including the roasting, harvesting, and traditional cuisines and games associated with them.

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