What is the best town to stay in on the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is the sparkling gem of Italian travel, a gorgeous stretch of sunny coastline complete with gorgeous beaches, towering clifftops, pastel-hued towns and delicious food and beverage!

Visit Amalfi Coast

People flock to the Amalfi Coast to enjoy some of that fine Italian sweet life, lazing about the pristine beaches by the day and enjoying the Mediterranean nightlife by night.

What makes the Amalfi Coast so accessible to travellers, however, is its awesome array of places to stay! There are numerous towns dotting the coastline that are a joy to stay in and for different reasons.

For example, Positano is famed for its amazing beach and vibrant nightlife, but attracts larger crowds than the coast’s other towns. Salerno is a great place to stay for backpackers, as its plethora of accommodation options make it more accessible for travellers on a budget.

For people just arriving on the Amalfi Coast for the first time, you can’t overlook Sorrento. This town has everything that encapsulates the beauty, charm and glamour of the coast: impressive architecture, gorgeous beaches and unique cultural attractions.

For families, the quaint and quiet town of Maiori is the perfect place to meander around flat streets that won’t trouble the kids, and it’s also the ideal place to return to after a day’s Amalfi adventuring with the fam!

So, now that we’ve got accommodation locations out of the way, what are some of the joyous activities that await you on this sparkling stretch of Italian sand?

Wander around Sorrento

Didn’t we say Sorrento was full of wonder? The town is so full of Mediterranean beauty and elegance that it can easily keep you going for a whole day as you meander around its stunning streets and picturesque coastline.

Be sure to head to the Sorrento Cathedral, a glorious testament to the Catholic Church, before tasting one of the local delights, the deliciously tart limoncello!

Take in Positano’s beautiful beach & houses

Positano Spiaggia is possibly the world’s most photographed beach, as the vibrant shoreline and stunning backdrop naturally make for an awesome, Insta-worthy shot.

As if chilling on this stunning beach wasn’t enough, it also leads onto the gorgeous Positano hillside, renowned for its bright, pastel-coloured houses that sparkle in the Amalfi sun!

It’s the perfect way to relax and take in some Vitamin D on the beautiful Amalfi Coast…

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