What to do in Capri

Capri is known as the hidden treasure of Italy, a small island sitting along the Bay of Naples waters. A heaven on earth, with jagged clifftops, pristine sapphire waters, and jaw-dropping views. Capri is the perfect place to spoil yourself on endless food and wine at night, while you discover natural wonders surrounding you during the day.

Boat to Faraglioni Rocks

The best way to the fantastic surrounds of Cari is by boat. Either hop on a tour or hire a boat yourself and visit the stunning attraction known as the Faraglioni rocks. Faraglioni rocks are three massive rock structures that emerge straight from the waters. The name Faraglioni is derived from the Greek word ‘Pharos’ which translates to ‘lighthouse.’ This is because thousands of years ago these rocks were once used as lighthouses, using fires to help safer navigation.

Hike up to Monte Solaro

To truly witness the jaw-dropping views first hand, one of the best activities to do is hiking up to Monte Solaro. Nestled on top the highest part of the island, the point lets you see 360 views of the surrounding sapphire ocean and neighbouring land. If you are feeling lazy, you can take the chairlift up to the top, otherwise, enjoy hiking up the lush terrane. Rewarding yourself with a drink at the bar located right at the top!

Discover the Crumbling Place Ruins

See the history of the land first hand at the ruins of the Villa Jovis. During the reign of the Roman Empire, a magnificent villa was commissioned on this island by Emperor Tiberius. There were 12 villas in total built, and out of all of them, the Villa Jovis was by far the biggest and most superior, similar to a palace. Nowadays it is merely a crumbling section of ruins but visits to learn about its incredible past.

Visit the Famous Blue Grotto

Last but not least is the Capri’s blue grotto. This is famous throughout the world and is one of the main reasons a large portion of Capri tourists visit the area. This magical sea cave lies along the coast of the island and is only accessible by row boats. The cave is 60 metres in length and 25 metres wide, and in any other case, the cave would be a dark dreary tunnel with only light visible from the entrance hole. However, this cave is alight with a stunning pure blue glow, with the see water glowing a ghostly light that transforms this regular cave into an enchanting experience. The reason for the natural comes from the sunlight shining through the underwater cavity beneath the cave.

Due to its immense popularity, and the limited accessibility, the attraction has a long queue of tour boats wait for their turn to enter the cave. The wait can last up to an hour, with only 10 or more minutes in the actual grotto, but it is well worth it.

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