Where is the Best Pizza in Naples?

Naples lays claim to being the mastermind behind pizza – a food that we pretty much take for granted today. However, it has long been an integral part of Italy’s history, with recipes, ingredients, and methods changing throughout the centuries.

With the city’s annual Pizza Village festival coming up in June (29th May – 7th June 2020), we thought what better way to prepare than give you the lowdown of Naples best pizzerias. The city boasts more than 800 pizzerias, but there are just 100 that hold a certificate from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN). This is the governing body of pizza that ensures the age-old art of proper pizza making is carried out in the traditional Neapolitan way. These top restaurants can all be spotted by the Pizza Vera signs above their doors that are issued by the AVPN. But if you don’t want to venture around peering at the structures of each eatery, just keep your eyes peeled for the longest queue. If there aren’t a stream of locals queuing up outside a pizzeria, the chances are high that it’s not one of the best in the city.

To help you get a pizza the action, here are some of the best-loved pizzerias in Naples.

  • Sorbillo

    You can instantly tell Sorbillo is a popular joint because of the queue that snakes outside it from opening until close. In fact, you might find yourself waiting up to an hour and a half for a pizza at this hotspot – but the wait is worth it. Sorbillo is famous for its huge pizzas that use fresh Campanian produce. To ease the wait pick up a snack and a refreshing beverage from a nearby kiosk to stop that stomach grumbling and make the queuing go a bit quicker.

  • Gorizia

    This pizzeria is one of the oldest in the city and remains a stalwart institution in the heart of Naples. Run by a local Italian family, it is best known for keeping its doors open and its pizza ovens hot during both world wars. Over the years, numerous celebrities have sat inside the art deco interior and tucked into a traditional Neapolitan pizza. Its classic interior is both cosy and warm with old fashioned pictures on the walls, a shelf of luscious red wines to accompany your meal and immaculately set tables and chairs.

  • Carminiello

    For something a little more hidden, hotfoot it to Carminiello, which can be found on the outskirts of Naples. As well as delicious traditional pizza, the menu also boasts other fried goodies, like aubergines, croquettes, and arancini. Found just beyond the airport, but without a tourist in sight, it makes the perfect last pizza in Naples before getting on the plane home again. You’ll still be savouring the pizza’s fresh flavours as you buckle yourself in for the flight.

  • Pizzeria da Atillo

    Naples’ neighbourhoods are little havens of personality, each with their own different sort of charm. Pizzeria da Atillo can be found in the Montesanto neighbourhood, an area that also boasts the oldest market in Naples. It’s a modest pizzeria, but loved by locals all round – get there early though, as its popularity means it can run out of dough well before closing time on a busy day. This just goes to show how tasty their pizzas really are! Don’t miss out!

  • Starita Materdei

    Not only special for its pizza but for the fact that it’s still open on Sundays, Starita is known for its firmer but airy crust that contrasts to the more untidy, sloppy base of Sorbillo’s. A casual pizza place, Starita may miss out on interior awards but makes up for it with its yummy and cheap food menu. Rated 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor with almost 10,000 reviews, this pizzeria is loved by both locals and tourists, both equally eager to shout about its flavourful ingredients. After you’ve gobbled down one of their oven-baked pizza, tuck into their signature dessert of fried dough balls dipped in Nutella. Delicious!

  • L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

    Traditional and classic Da Michele’s sticks to the basics by selling only Margheritas or marinara pizzas. Locals come here when they want a taste of where it all started, letting the base flavours speak for themselves. The large wood-fired oven in the centre of the kitchen churns out pizza after pizza at an impressive rate. Three’s no waiting around at Da Michele’s! So make sure you go hungry. The perfect lunch option – quick, easy and filling. What a great Napoli experience!

Once you’ve had your fill of pizzas explore the treasures that lie outside Naples in our Amalfi Coast Tour from Naples!

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