Where should you visit along the Bay of Naples?

Picture yourself strolling down cobblestone streets overlooking the picturesque blue waters of the Bay of Naples. Also known as the Gulf of Naples, this ocean semicircular inlet sits right along the south-western coast of Italy. With an array of large cities and small towns that sit right alongside the shoreline. But which areas are worth the visit?


One of the biggest cities in the area, Naples is home to exceptional restaurants and cafes, historic sites, and stunning views. Simply spend the day wandering through the narrow streets and discover the hidden gems littered throughout. It is also home to the National Archaeological Museum so you can spend the day learning everything there is to know about Italy’s history. As well, one of the main appeals for Naples is their traditional pizza. This city was the first to invent the delicious wood-fired pizza, so make sure you tuck into slice why you are there.


Step back in time and visit the ancient city of Pompeii. This historic town meets its tragic demise after the nearby volcano Mount Venuses wreaked havoc on the city and its citizens. Due to its incredible preservation, Pompeii is now the largest archaeological site in the entire world, promising visitor’s extraordinary tales of the ancient Romans who once lived here. Stroll down the cobblestone streets and see incredible attractions including the enormous amphitheatre, the famous body casts, as well as the many artefacts leftover.


After seeing Pompeii, head to Herculaneum to escape the heavy foot traffic. Known as Pompeii’s little sister, Herculaneum was once Pompeii’s small but a wealthy neighbour. Sadly, this town met the same fate in 79 BC but is just as if not more preserved. Due to its past wealth, many beautiful things remain, including stunningly bright frescos scattered throughout.


The small hidden treasure of Italy, Capri is a small secluded island sitting along the Bay of Naples. Bursting with jagged cliff tops, pristine sapphire waters, and charming shops, Capri is a perfect place kick back and relax. Fill your days with adventures to the island natural wonders, and spend your nights endlessly eating and drinking the local food and wine.


The Bay’s smallest island, Procida is renowned for its brightly coloured houses. A blend of yellow, pink and orange pastel houses which match beautifully with the sapphire sea and sky. A perfect place for your next Instagram shot!

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