Where to travel to in Southern Italy

When visiting Europe, there is no greater place to see that the sunny southern land of Italy. With historic cities and charming towns scattered along the picturesque coast, you will think you’d had died and gone to heaven.

The best spots to Visit in Southern Italy


One of the biggest cities along the coast in Southern Italy’s Naples. Bursting with delicious food, ancient history, and rich culture, Naples has something for everyone. Home to the National Archaeological Museum with a large array of local artefacts, including Pompeii’s famous body, casts. The city will let you step back into time to see how the ancient Romans once lived. If you are looking more for a relaxing unwind why not sit back and try the city’s world-famous wood-fired pizza? Naples is known as the very first place to invent this dish in Italy and offers you the traditional recipe conceived centuries ago. Looking to shop ‘til you drop? The city is sprinkled with boutique shops and stalls for all kinds of interests.


This small town has a big reputation. Home to five-star resorts, pristine views, and friendly locals, Sorrento is perfect for a relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery. Book a room for the night and settle on your balcony to enjoy the picturesque view overlooking the Bay of Naples. Embrace the culture and visit the numerous local restaurants, antique shops, and historic sites.


A visit to southern Italy is not complete without a visit to the ancient site of Pompeii. The largest archaeologist site in the entire world. This lost city is one of the most preserved areas from ancient Rome. Walk the streets and view the crumbling buildings and historic artefacts, learning about the life of these people before their tragic demise.

Amalfi Coast

This long stretch of coastline is huddled along the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. A fantastic region bursting with jagged cliffs, unspoiled beaches, and pastel-coloured buildings. With numerous villages and towns to spot in, you can spend a whole week driving through this spectacular coastal area.

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