Why is Faraglioni famous?

When we often think about the beautiful Italian island of Capri, we almost instantly think about three rocks that are out in the sea.


One of the many things to see in Capri is Faraglioni, which is three rock formations out in the Mediterranean Sea. These rock formations range between 80 to 150 metres high!

Stella is the rock attached to the land, while Faraglione di Mezzo is the middle rock with an arch, and the last rock is Faraglione di Fuori.

How were the Faraglioni rocks formed?
The rocks were formed from millions of years of erosion from the wind and water that ever so slowly cut the rocks to how they are today.

Millions of years ago before erosion changed the way they looked, the rocks were caves and archways.

Where can I see Faraglioni?

Capri is a beautiful island with many great vantage points of the iconic Faraglioni rocks.


• Punta di Tragara
Punta di Tragara is a cliff with breathtaking views directly in front, looking out to the rocks.

You could also stop by Da Luigi Ai Faraglioni for a meal or a drink with a few of the scenic rock formations.

• Giardini di Augusto
The Gardens of Augustus is a beautiful garden that is worth visiting. Not only do you have great views along the coast to see the Faraglioni rocks, but you also see parts of the former monastery and Via Krupp footpath.

• Belvedere della Migliara
Belvedere della Migliera is a beautiful park with a 45-minute walk.

This part of Capri has plenty of greenery and a spot where you can gaze out along the coast that stretches out to the Faraglioni rocks.

• Go on a boat
There are plenty of boat tours and cruises that take you around parts of the island, including Faraglioni. It is best that you book online early to secure your spot.

To enhance your views, come to one of these spots at sunset to view the vibrant sky change in colour. Coming here at sunrise is another option to see the sunlight reflect off Faraglioni.

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