Why is swimming in the Blue Grotto forbidden?

The Blue Grotto is a beautiful sea cave on the coast in Capri.

The magnificent blue water in the Blue Grotto looks perfect to swim in. But swimming inside the Blue Grotto has been forbidden for a few years now. It isn’t recommended to swim inside because of how dangerous it can get. If you’re caught swimming in the Blue Grotto, you will receive a fine.

How do I see the Blue Grotto?

Luckily you can still see the Blue Grotto! You can visit by rowboat which you can row yourself or do a boat tour. The Blue Grotto is 60 metres long and 25 metres wide. However, the mouth of the cave is only two metres wide. Because of the height of the cave, visitors must remain seated. Before you enter the cave, you will be asked to lie down as you pass through the mouth of the cave. You can do a one day tour of Capri to see the Blue Grotto too if you’re staying in Rome. This tour not only explores Capri, but also the Blue Grotto.

Why is the Blue Grotto’s water so blue?

The Blue Grotto’s water is so blue because of the sunlight. The sunlight enters the cave through an underwater hole near the cave’s mouth. This hole is about nine metres wide. The best time to be inside the cave is about 2 PM. At this time there will be a marvellous glow and the water is very blue.

Does it cost money to see the Blue Grotto?

The Blue Grotto is a cultural site, so yes they do ask you to pay. Prices for the Blue Grotto may change so it’s best to check at the floating ticket office at the cave entrance.

Is the Blue Grotto opened all year?

The blue Grotto is open all year except on January 1st and December 25th. Because of the weather in winter (November to March), the cave is mostly closed. The grotto can close because of the rain, rough seas, or the wind. If the weather forecasts have high winds and waves, the grotto will close as a precaution.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to see the Blue Grotto is about 2 PM. At this time, you can expect to see that beautiful glow the cave is known for. But as most visitors want to see the Blue Grotto around this time, it does get very busy.

What are the opening hours?

The opening hours to see the Blue Grotto are 9 AM to 5 PM every day. On January 1st and December 25th, the grotto is closed. Keep in mind the Blue Grotto might close because of weather conditions.

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