Why you should visit Ravello on your Italy adventure

If you are interested in Italy’s historic charm and stunning natural wonders, Ravello is for you. The captivating land is nestled in the enchanting mountaintop along the Amalfi Coast, jam-packed with five-star resorts, captivating views, and brilliant weather.  


The earliest documents for this area are from the 9th century when all the coastal cities joined together to form the Amalfi Republic. However, in 1081 a group of Amalfi nobles rebelled against the republic for its betrayal of the Norman King Roberto Il Guiscardo, electing their own duke and developing luxurious houses for the town. It is now a peaceful and historic village, with delightful attractions for a sophisticated holiday along the coast.

The town’s fame

Ravello slowly became famous among the artists, with writers and painters using it as the muse in the 18th and 19th century. Its reputation grew and began to showcase in poems, songs, and films, of its grand beauty and fabulous charm. As well, it was used by many celebrities over the years for a holiday away from the glare of publicity, as it has remained a tranquil town compared to its large and busy neighbours.

What to do there

Enjoy the View

Ravello is known to have the most stunning panorama, so why not sit back and enjoy it? Most of the restaurants and hotel rooms within the town offer you a fantastic balcony to do just this. So, we suggest grabbing a chilled bottle of rose and kicking back to relax. Parking yourself down with a glass and watching the sunset slowly fade behind the sapphire ocean horizon.

Discover the water’s secrets

Hop on a boat and head out to the pristine ocean. Cruise along the coast’s shores, taking in the land’s beauty, or head out further to the vast sea.

Learn about its History

There are many churches, villas, and ancient buildings hidden within Ravello’s streets. Take a day to walk the area, discovering the town’s historic birth and its charming backstory. Top attractions include Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone, and Ravello’s Cathedral.

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