What is the myth of the Blue Grotto?

A natural sea cave that has the most pristine blue waters you have ever seen.

The Blue Grotto is Capri’s most popular attraction to see when visiting. But what was this myth of the Blue Grotto?

For years it was told that the Blue Grotto had spirits and demons living in the cave and was considered a cursed place. There even were myths that there were witches and mermaids in the cave too, making people too scared to enter.

It turns out the creatures that were inside the cave were just sculptures. So people weren’t exactly lying when they said they saw something inside!

Blue Grotto history

Roman Emperor Tiberius used the Blue Grotto as his own swimming hole and had sculptures made and placed inside the cave. There were sculptures of Neptune and Triton, Roman sea gods, and other sculptures. It’s even believed there may still be more sculptures that haven’t yet been found.

For years no one went inside the cave, scared of the spirits and demons, until 1826 when it was rediscovered by Angelo Ferraro, a fisherman. Angelo had brought the painter Ernst Fries, and writer August Kopisch.

Can I visit the Blue Grotto?

Thankfully, the stories are only myths or perhaps, just the sculptures. But the Blue Grotto is safe to enter!

The only way to see the Blue Grotto is going on a rowboat. You can buy tickets to enter the Blue Grotto at the ticket office. The best time to see the Blue Grotto is between midday to 2 PM. But if those times don’t suit, any time during the day when it’s a bright sunny day is ideal for visiting.

Swimming in the cave can be unsafe due to the high waves and is prohibited.

How is the Blue Grotto water so blue?

It’s really a mystery how the Blue Grotto has bright blue water. At the mouth of the cave, there is an opening that sits directly underneath. From this opening, the sunlight passes through, creating a gorgeous bright blue colour.

What to do on Capri

Capri is a small island in Italy’s Bay of Naples. Most people know Capri for the iconic Blue Grotto, but there is much more to see and do on the island during a day trip.

Capri is a great spot for designer shopping and also has amazing beaches with warm clear water. There is also a picturesque Giardini di Augusto, a botanical garden, which has views of Capri and the coast.

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