Things to Do in Amalfi Coast

  • Positano Positano


    Positano forms a colourful splash on the Amalfi Coast, bringing together ramshackle buildings and historical sites that are bursting with Mediterranean […]

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  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta Church of Santa Maria Assunta

    Church of Santa Maria Assunta

    The Church of Santa Maria Assunta perches on a cliff against a stunning backdrop of ocean – it’s the picture-perfect […]

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  • Ravello Ravello


    If you are interested in Italy’s historic charm and stunning natural wonders, Ravello is for you. The captivating land is […]

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  • Sorrento Sorrento


    The city of Sorrento may be on the smaller size, but it is big on reputation. Known for its welcoming […]

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  • Capri Capri


    Capri is known as the hidden treasure of Italy, a small island sitting along the Bay of Naples waters. A heaven on […]

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  • Faraglioni Rocks Faraglioni Rocks

    Faraglioni Rocks

    Glamorous Capri is a hotspot of natural beauty, boasting sheer cliff faces and centuries-old rock formations. One of its most popular sights […]

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  • Blue Grotto Blue Grotto

    Blue Grotto

    The hidden sea cave in Italy’s quiet Capri is a mesmerising sight. Its source of wonder comes from its gleaming blue waters, […]

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  • Monte Solaro Monte Solaro

    Monte Solaro

    Monte Solaro offers some of the most exquisite views across the island of Capri and beyond. The mountain stands 589 metres above […]

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  • Naples Naples


    Italy can be an extraordinarily big place to visit. With exceptional cities, pristine coasts and historic areas scattered throughout. Visitors […]

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  • Bay of Naples Bay of Naples

    Bay of Naples

    Picture yourself strolling down cobblestone streets overlooking the picturesque blue waters of the Bay of Naples. Also known as the […]

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  • Amalfi Cathedral Amalfi Cathedral

    Amalfi Cathedral

    The Amalfi Coast is a sparkling Meditteranean gem complete with gorgeous beaches, charming islands, hillside towns and giant cliffs that […]

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