Why should you visit Positano?

A cascade of colourful houses tumble down Positano’s green cliffs towards the sea offering a postcard snapshot of this deluxe destination 

The Positano

The charm that exudes from Positano is that of an enchanting village with winding roads that look out onto dazzling waters at the base of jagged cliffs. Located on the Amalfi Coast, Positano was made popular for holiday makers in the 1960’s as celebrities dubbed it their new summer hotspot. It bypasses most of the overhyped tourist surges unlike its cousin Capri, and instead provides an untouched presence that must be seen to be believed. For the ultimate relaxation holiday, make your way to Positano and you won’t be disappointed.

How to get there

The closest major city to the Amalfi Coast is Naples, so from there is where we recommend you start your journey; provided you aren’t already on the coast. From Naples there is a travel time of around an hour and 15 minutes and you have a few modes of transport to choose from.

You can travel to Positano by ferry, though this option is usually only available from April to October. The bus ride from Naples and even Sorrento is a spectacular feat. As the cliffs part, the beauty of Positano lies in wait for you with its stunning terracotta house that sit vertically along the hill. You can even use Positano as your base point to discover other astonishing Amalfi villages such as the island of Capri, easy to get to by ferry which goes out multiple times a week. Enjoy a perfect day discovering the shining waters of the Blue Grotto in Capri.

Things to see in Positano

The uniqueness of Positano is that while there are things to do, there is more to see. Just a wander through the streets will provide you with enough spectacle and glamour to fill your days, exploring hidden laneways with shops that sells trinkets, art and beachwear. Down by the beach, glitzy celebs and gloriously tanned locals sit side by side in exclusive beach clubs under a sun-kissed sky. If you’re a nature lover yourself, there are many hiking trails to be climbed, ancient Roman ruins to discover and luxurious villas to explore.

Everything is photo-worthy in Positano, be it the lemon yellow and primrose village houses or its fabulous beaches. Listed below are a few stand out attractions that you won’t want to miss!

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta

    In the heart of Positano you will find a 12th century Catholic Church that holds all its original charm with an alluring tiled façade. The main attraction at this Church is found inside, a byzantine era statue of the Black Madonna that sits above the altar. As there is only one road leading in and out of the village, this Church is incredibly easy to walk in for a few moments of relaxation while you bask in the spiritual atmosphere of this eye-catching location.

  • Path of the Gods

    Path of the Gods

    For a hike with views unlike any other, wander along the Path of the Gods. The path begins from the town of Agerola and finishes in Nocelle and is a downhill walk with views that outlook the magnificent blue water and scenery that the Amalfi Coast is best known for. While the path starts out more in a forest-like setting, with scents of thyme and rosemary in the air, eventually the path branches out to jagged cliffsides, sparkling blue seas and the hillside pastel coloured homes that sit comfortably in the mountainside.

  • Spiaggia Grande

    The picturesque beach that is postcard perfect is the Spiaggia Grande. This is Positano’s main beach and the place to set up your bright beach umbrellas on the pebbled shoreline. While the greyish sand is not everyone’s cup of tea, the beach makes up for it with its spectacular surroundings and sparkling azure waters, so pull up a sun lounger and bask in the glorious Southern Italian sun. Positano’s VIP vibe that flows through the glowing streets of the village is a testament to the beauty of the Amalfi Coast and one that can’t be missed.

  • Music on the Rocks

    As the village quiets down after the sun sets, this unique discotheque comes alive on the beach of Spiaggia Grande. Built inside of a natural cave, the exposed rock walls and pottery are illuminated under flashing lights. Dance the night away in this exclusive setting that has a dress to impress code and a surreal design.

Foodie Paradise

Positano’s speciality is their love and celebration of food. The scent of Amalfi lemons fills the streets of the town, and unlike the traditional Italian food that we may be accustomed to, over here in the south you’ll discover a whole new side to Italian cuisine. Seafood is king, and the residents of Positano have long discovered the secret to magically mouth-watering flavour combinations. Here are some visit worthy restaurants to compliment your heavenly Amalfi Coast holiday.

  • La Tagliata

    This unique dining experience is a standout amongst the many restaurants scattered in Positano, and here’s the reason why. You start your journey by shuttle which will transport you from your hotel to the top of the hill in which La Tagliata sits upon. Once you sit in the traditional dining room, you’ll feel as though you’re in an authentic Italian kitchen, as there are no menus at this restaurant. The ‘mamma’ just cooks whatever they feel like that day and will serve you a 4-course meal, and a taste of their homemade wine.

  • Chez Black

    Conveniently located on the Spiaggia Grande, don’t make the mistake of overlooking this restaurant due to its tourist trap location. Established in 1949, this nautically themed eaterie is a favourite of long-time customer actor Denzel Washington and for good reason. Seafood lovers flock here for the fresh prawns, clams and calamari that are lovingly prepared by owner Salvadore Russo’s talented chefs.

  • Da Vincenzo

    Specialising in regional cuisine, this cult favourite’s special power is luring you with their delectable food having you return time and time again. A family-run establishment, this is a top choice among locals as well and you’ll find many who can attest to Da Vincenzo having the best desserts in Positano.

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