What is Positano famous for?

You’ve probably seen Positano without even knowing it, plastered across social media and travel brochures, this Italian town is a cluster of beaches, hiking trails, boutique shops and colourful villas

Whether you’re plunging into the ocean waves, sailing atop the surface, or looking out from your private terrace, your lasting impression of Positano is going to be an epic one. Featuring stunning scenery that easily seduces visitors with its beauty. But what has exactly put this City on the tourist map? Many Italian coastal cities have charming pebble beaches, pastel coloured houses, and narrow streets lined with boutique shops, but what makes Positano special in this regard? Here is proof to make Amalfi Coast’s stunning Positano worth the stop in.

  • Beaches

    Positano’s beaches are always featured on Amalfi Coast’s advertisement, and it’s no surprise why. The stunning shore is covered with colour beach lounges and bright umbrellas, which compliment the sapphire waves washing up along the sand. Grab one of the open beach chairs and lie out in sun to get your tan on and fall asleep listening to the waves and soft Italian chatter. The city’s Marina Grande Beach is by far it’s most popular, always bustling with both locals and tourists. Popular restaurants and bars lined right behind the beach, giving beachgoers a chance to tuck in the local’s specialities during the day.

  • Shops

    In the village centre of Positano, there are a ton of boutique shops on offer. The cobblestone steps are lined with ceramic shops, boutiques, antique stores, and more. Lighten those wallets of yours as you venture, loading up on some local goodies and finding some souvenirs to bring home with you. With light, floaty dress, shirts and tops to be found everywhere, you’ll wonder why you brought a suitcase with you at all!

  • Art Galleries 

    Whilst you’re strolling Positano’s pretty streets, leave some time spare to visit one of the town’s many little art galleries. Most of them open around 10 am and stay open until sunset giving you plenty of time to take shelter from the sun and appreciate both local and international artworks. Some popular galleries worth mentioning are Liquid Art System, a gallery which also has bases in London and Istanbul. This art gallery aims to integrate local economies and artists with global ones, promoting an idea they call ‘glocal’. Italian Fine Art Gallery in Positano’s main piazza is another well-established gallery with a twist. They offer a personalised service where the staff help you choose a contemporary piece that will serve as a lasting reminder of your time in Positano.

  • Food

    Italy is famous for its food! And Positano is no different, with traditional cuisines offering a mouth-watering experience. As it is right on the coast, seafood is the area’s speciality, with fresh seafood platters or seafood pasta and pizzas available. Try out the local wine, cocktails, and more that go perfectly with this summer meal. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Positano, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. La Tagliato is one of them! Located up in the mountains, this restaurant is such great value for money (lots of food and wine for a reasonable price). For a more romantic date night, Rada Restaurant is the one. This restaurant sits on the water built into a cliff making you forget everyday stresses as you eat, sip and savour your holiday.

  • Nightlife

    One of the most popular clubs in the area is Positano’s Music on the Rocks. A nightclub which is legitimately inside a cliff, with the inside looking like a cave. Right under Rada Restaurant, Music on the Rocks is the only nightclub for miles around, which makes it the place to be. You’ll be assured to know that this place is always popping, with everyone in town eager to dance the night away in this unusual cave setting that transforms into the perfect night out.

  • Water Wonders

    It’s a waste to stay in this stunning coastal city without joining in on Positano’s water fun! Take a boat out to the deeper waters, sailing through the aquamarine waves. Visit the series of quiet coves and grottoes located nearby and snorkel down to the bottom. Even boating through each, with nearby ones being the green grotto, white grotto, and emerald grotto. The water activities are endless really. Rent a boat and pack up a picnic for a day on the waves, or if you’re looking for something a little more active, go kayaking or paddleboarding! A great way to get some exercise whilst on your hols and explore the coast at the time.

  • Walking Treks

    Immerse yourself in the jagged rocks and lush greenery along the many walking tracks winding through the area. Some travel uphill, promising glorious lookouts of the tremendous beauty surrounding. Others take you to hidden beaches and swimming spots perfect for a tranquil break away from the crowds. One of the most popular trails is the Path of the Gods; a journey that takes you to Capri from Positano. The path is almost 5 miles and takes about 3 hours, but it’s an easy trail and a straightforward route.

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