Why you should see the Natural Arch

Also known as the Arco Naturale, this arch dates back to the Paleolithic age showing the strength and timeless beauty of nature, still to be marvelled today!

Capri is a glorious hidden treasure of Italy, a small island home to stunning resorts, picturesque views, and majestic natural wonders. For a long time now, people have known of the Island’s long, historic past of Greek settlers and Roman emperors. But what about the features surrounding the island? Most will think of the Faraglioni rocks and the Blue Grotto, but what about the magnificent natural arch that juts out from the ocean demanding our attention? The Arco Naturale, of Italy, is nestled on the east coast of this stunning island. It is known as the most unique rock formation in the entire country, hanging on the edge of the island, surrounded by pristine sapphire waters and jagged cliff tops. The Natural Arch is a beautiful site that should not be missed during your holiday to Southern Italy.

The Arch’s Formation

The arch is a naturally formed ancient rock that stands 200 meters above the sea, at around 20 meters high and around 12 meters wide. Millions of years ago this entire area was deep under the water. But due to an abundant number of landslides and earthquakes causing the huge grotto, which was located on the surface of the water, to collapse. Slowly, the water lowered, and a natural arch shape was gradually created by millions of years of erosion. A geologic process which slowly chips away at the rock by continuous weather and sea spray.

Once a cave, this limestone formation slowly turned into a picturesque arch that sees rain, wind or shine, and lots of tourists in high season. All eager to see the simple, yet impressive, natural arch which adds another level of charm and prestige to this unique Italian island. If you get the chance to visit the arch, we recommend doing the hike in the morning before it gets too hot! Bring lots of water and comfortable shoes to prepare you for walking up and down steps and over dirt paths. Read on to find out more about how to get there.

The Walking to the Arch

One of the great advantages to this incredible site is the scenic walk to and from the site. Due to the undeveloped area of the south side of Capri, travelling by car isn’t really possible, so lace up those walking shoes and set off. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque Italian island that is bursting with lush greenery, jagged cliff tops, and pristine waters. The walk usually takes an easy half an hour from the main Via Matermania road, giving you plenty of time to discover the area on your way. Another route is to follow signs towards Villa Jovis, along either Via Longano or Via Le Botteghe, which wind through the characteristic alleyways lined with houses and stone walls decked out with blooming vines. At an intersection with Via Matermania, continue along, following the ceramic signs towards the Arch. It’s a truly pleasant walk that gives you a glimpse of island life away from the tourist centre, with views into courtyards and towards the town.

After seeing the Natural Arch, why not trek along the nearby walking tracks that are scattered nearby, immersing into the tranquil nature even more? There are plenty of lookout spots including the natural arch, so make sure to bring your camera for a truly epic photo opportunity. The arch itself is like a window, perfectly framing the beautiful sea water below and the boats drifting on the water. To get closer to the water and explore the island’s other hidden treasures, follow the pathway right down to the sea for harder terrain suitable for adventure seekers who want to discover the grottoes below.

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