How far is Sorrento from Rome?

Sorrento is renowned throughout the world for being one of the most beautiful coastal spots around!

The crystal-clear waves of the Mediterranean Sea crash on top of the town’s white rocks, with the pastel-coloured buildings blending perfectly with the lush greenery of the region’s plant life. But how far away is it from the tourist central stop of Rome?

The Distance between Sorrento and Rome

The distance between Rome and Sorrento is 211 kilometres, equalling to about 261.9 kilometres via roads. Unfortunately, you can’t simply hop on a train in Rome and ride it straight to Sorrento, with the route to Sorrento being a little more complex.

  • Via Train

    When travelling about the region, the go-to transport easily trains. Being the quickest and most straight forward to use for any kind of traveller. The journey time will depend on the train you select, with multiple options available. Trenitalia, Italy’s national rail service, offers three classes of trains. The frecce trains are known for being the fastest, is good for those not wanting to waste time, but are by far the most expensive of the Trenitalia trains to select. If taking the train from Rome to Sorrento, travellers must make a stop at Naples, with trains routes only going from Rome to Naples, and then Naples to Sorrento.

  • Via Car

    If you are lucky enough to have your own car or have hired one for the week, driving down to Sorrento can be your best option. Taking roughly three hours to complete, travellers can choose to go along the main freeway for the majority of the journey, or instead choose to go along the back streets to Sorrento. The beauty of this choice is that you can stop as many times as you like while driving down to the coast. Stopping to see small towns and unique attractions along the way you may have missed if you choose a different way of transport.

  • Via Tour

    The ultimate plush option when heading down to the coast. Here you can simply book a ticket and hop on a bus for a fully organised adventure! The tours available range to an endless amount, with one day tours, full week tours, and even month-long adventures. The tours can go straight from Rome to Sorrento and back again, or can stop off at a number of fantastic destinations located in the Amalfi Coast. Letting you marvel at the beauty of the region on this marvellous journey without ever having to worry about the organising!

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